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You Should Know How I feel

January 23, 2011
By SevenAlleeJones BRONZE, Sturgis, Michigan
SevenAlleeJones BRONZE, Sturgis, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"No Regrets."

Some things in this world are just so complicated that words can't escape your mouth.

Every time I touch her I'm unsure of if she's here for me. Every time I touch her I know she's made mistakes. Every time I touch her I know she can make my mood.

It's almost like my soul is her soul. My thoughts are her thoughts. I feel what she feels. We do have different points of view, but it's what keeps us strong and united."As one." I get the same emotions as her, we are either both hurt together or we're not. We are either both happy and joyful together or we're not.

When I think of her gone out and about, all I can see is her with another guy. Inside it almost rips me up, because I'm clueless, if she did... would I ever find out? Is it fair for me to feel this way?
Everybody says they have found love, and everybody has their own way of love. This is how I know I love her, it's because you don't wake up thinking about a girl. At least not most people.

You don't get on the bus wanting her beside you. You don't open your locker waiting for that gorgeous face to come around the corner. You don't walk up to her making sure she's okay. You don't kiss her on the lips letting her know your here for her. If I didn't do all this would it be true love?

It's a feeling in my heart that I have never had.

I had no clue a girl was so confusing, elegant, intelligent, funny and willing to try.

She's not the perfect girlfriend, because if she was she'd be inside my brain knowing everything I knew. I'll be honest she's as good as it gets when it comes down to details.

So in my eyes definitely girlfriend material.

She knows how to fill my heart happy. She knows how to make life wondrous. She knows the key to a successful relationship, and better yet she knows me.

That's why she will always have my heart! No matter what.

When you get home everyday I'm always thinking of you. When you go hang with friends I'm always thinking of you.

I just want you to know if I die, I will always be right beside you, guiding you. Guiding you the right way, and in your heart until your day. I promise you it will last in every way.

The author's comments:
This is how I felt towards my girlfriend and how I will always feel for her. Even if we broke up, she should know that I will still be there for her.

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