The school trip of a lifetime!

January 23, 2011

The girl was wearing a light blue silky ice skating dress, it floated graciously as she spun aroud the ice. It seemed like she was almost flying!
My class mates seemed bored and emotionless!
"so class!" my teacher called out to the class
"you can go to the cafe now or go on the ice and skate with some help from Melissa"
i already knew my decision, i was going to skate with the most amazing ice skater who was just my age! she was my idol!
The croud of noisy students ran with the teacher (who was oblivious that i was going to skate as she thought everyone wanted to go to the cafe!)
I reached into my bag and put my skates on.
As i glided across the ice i felt like a four year old skating next to he parents compared to Melissa!
" want me to show you a routine?" Melissa asked me genourasly
"Of course!! I mean yes please..." I didnt even have to think that one through!
After about 20 minutes we had both nailed the routine...I felt like she was my sister and I had known her for ever and i hoped desperatly that she felt the same way!
"you're and amzing skater! You should think about comming to the skating classes I go to-then you can enter competitions!! its incredible!" Melissa was actually giving...ME advise-I was so happy but...
"I wish I could mum can't really afford it!! this school trip alone cost like £30, theres no way that would ever happen" I sadly told her
she looked deep into my eyes, not like she felt sorry for me but that she had an idea. What was she thinking?
"I dont pay for my classes. If you're good enough then you can get in on a scholarship...what if-"
That was a year ago now. And my life has changed massivly! i do what i had always wanted to and i enter competitions side by side with my best friend Melissa, who got me in for a Scholarship at the London accademy of Ice skating, and that day was the school trip of a lifetime!

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