Number Eight

January 7, 2011
By PencilPusher76 PLATINUM, Sidney, Nebraska
PencilPusher76 PLATINUM, Sidney, Nebraska
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He starts handing out the test I know the equations and how to substitute the numbers. Number seven one more left. Wait what is this?
A different equation?
I look around and people are finishing and I figure it will be another walk in park.
Twenty minutes and half an eraser later I am still on the same god dam question. Nowhere near the number f**in eight. So I move on skip the question and come back to it is what I was always taught.
Number eight almost ther…..WTF I get to number eight thinking this will be the easiest one, isn’t the last one always easy?
I start by substituting and then by plugging in the rest of numbers and then I stop…
It’s like I hit a blank spot or a clearing where nothing was…..the problem is not finished along with number seven.
I grasp the concept in class homework but why never the tests? Everything is so complicated now tryin to put numbers in their places but none of them belong.
Handing in my paper at the end of class I can’t stair at anything but the two blank problems at the back of my paper knowing that I failed is like another scar added to my wrist.

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