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January 26, 2011
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So now I am considered the klutz of the swim team. A few days ago the PCHS swim team were tapering for regions. In tapering we were doing starts and races so that we could get the hang of the meet. As my friend in front of me dove in I got up on the block. I watched her until her turn and then got into ready position. Apparently I didn’t go down fast enough when my coach yelled, “take your mark!” So of course he yelled at me... “Cali what r u doing?!”

“Sorry Mike.” I said

That was not even the most embarrassing part. I was a little shaken up when he had said that to me but I made sure that when he told us to take our mark again, that I was ready. I went down into a crouch and hands aligned when the buzzer went off and everybody dove in... except me. As the buzzer went off I attempted to dive in but instead my foot slipped off the block and I fell into the pool hitting my shin on the way down. It hurt so bad.... my dignity more than anything. As I was underwater in shock of what had just happened, I didn’t know what to do! Do I keep swimming or do I get out of the water and exaggerate my pain? I kept swimming, and when I came back and got out of the pool my whole team was looking at me. It was mortifying. The girls who I was friends with on me team all asked me if I was ok. Which I said I was. The guys on my team just looked at me, some laughed, others looked almost worried.
In the locker rooms later that day after practice I was in the showers and my friend was telling me that she didn’t see it but she had heard it. I asked her how she heard it and she answered,” well when you fell in the whole team went uhhhhhhh and ohhhhhhh and then of course mike started laughing.” Mike doesn’t laugh very often and when he does it must be pretty funny.

“Great!” I said

That is my most embarrassing moment... recently...

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