Better Not to Know

January 25, 2011
By wordsoflife SILVER, Starke, Florida
wordsoflife SILVER, Starke, Florida
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Truth is the absence of Lies. -me

Once upon a ship in the middle of the ocean, was a young cook. The boat was filled with half-grown men who had full-grown stomachs, so cooking meals was one of the hardest jobs. As you could imagine, it was very difficult to measure portions right when Germans were bombing your kitchen. For every meal, the mess sergeant served raisin bread. He received many compliments, but after a few months of eating Spam on raisin bread, the captain wanted an explanation. "Sergeant, your raisin bread is excellent, but this crew needs a little variety. Would you mind making a plain batch?" The explanation was simple. While inspecting his limited supplies, the chef noticed that there were little black bugs in the flour. In order for the crew to eat the bread, the chef disguised the bugs as raisins. The captain's reply? "Carry on!"

The author's comments:
My Grandad worked as a cook in the Navy. He was great at making clever solutions to (disgusting) problems.

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