What Are Friends?

January 21, 2011
By sabrinairvin143 BRONZE, Amsterdam, New York
sabrinairvin143 BRONZE, Amsterdam, New York
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Friends are people that you can trust anytime. Friends are the ones who help you through the good/bad times. Friends will cheer you up, and make you happy again. They are the ones who will believe in you and take you for who you really are. Friends will make you feel special and help you when your hurt or when your going through a rough situation. Friends will never turn there back on you. They dont keep secrets and they always stay true to themselves and others that they love.

The author's comments:
Friends are like sisters, they dont hurt each other, they love and care about each other and they have a strong, healthy, and trusting sisterhood that will never break. In this case, friendship is like a lock and the only way to open it is to have them trust you. Then they greet you by using a special key to let you open the lock... This way you are closer and safer in the sisterhood. Feeling safe, healthy, and thankful to have great friends. Remembering the good/bad times that happened. Inching together as a one, big, and happy family. Eventually getting together and sharing all your secrets/dreams. Never turn your back on each other no matter what happens. Driving the ones you love crazy and having fun with everyone. Setting good decisions for each other to stay closer together, by feeling safe and cared for inside by your sisterhood.

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