January 21, 2011
By , holland, MI
There we were drinking away like we were fishes. It was New Years Eve in Thompson-ville, Michigan. We were at my friend’s cabin and all 3 of us were completely wassssstedd, we had been drinking since 10 am . It was 8 o clock , and the roads were as icy as a hockey rink.
The 3 of us had our hearts set on watching the fireworks at Crystal Mountain, and going to a party afterwards. We had a trip ahead of us. As we drive down the slick path through the dark abyss the spark of light red and blue catches all of our eyes. As the spectacle arrives the symphony screamed into our ears. The feel of sweat crossed my brow leaves a tingle straight down my back. We come to a sudden halt, flying me forward in my seat belt. My buddy takes a big gulp, sits up straight and goes in with his fists up. The window slowly creeps down, revealing the image of the authority we’ve learned to avoid. He then says the wretched words I cant bear to hear, “Sir, have you been drinking?” My heart sank to a new low, there left no shred of hope for my accomplices and I.
He attempts to resist the attack on our current state of mind, and it slowly left his lips; “No sir, we’re just headin’ out to Crystal, you hear about the fireworks out there? Pretty amazing”. The figure slowly lowers to our level, the stench of cigarettes and lunch meat flows through my nostrils. He stares into my buddies eyes and swiftly inhales three times. He eagerly squints and smiles, he has complete understanding what has been done and what will be done but happily lets us go saying “I know how it is to be a kid”. I felt on top of the world, nothing could keep us from Crystal, not even the police.
We continue on our rugged journey to the icy slopes, and after an awful stop the drive is nothing. We arrive to our destination around 11 and see the giant rolling hills, the ski lifts, and the skiers of course. I’m thirsty as a camel and needed quick refreshment, but I’m also cold as Jack Frost himself. I compromise with a hot and steamy glass of hot coco. I waited a whole 10 minutes for that darn tootin glass, and cherished every moment of it. The feel of this succulent nectar of gods touching my lips brings thoughts of joy and wonder to mind. I taste the smooth chocolaty goodness run down my throat, the creamy marshmallows melt in my mouth, and the hot glass brings warmth and comfort to my cold suffering hands. As we wander the clearing, gazing through the thick crowds to find the perfect spot, I slowly finish my hot coco. Once we find the spot, we gather round a hot toasty fire to warm up.
Soon after we sit down I see this ragged man jump for joy and he screams “They’re starting!”. We prepare for the show of our lives, the fireworks. The first one quickly fires off like a rocket ship, I heard the sound of a muffled gun shot followed by the intense explosion of the fireworks, and it left my ears ringing like church bells. One after another like the bombing in Hanoi those suckers zipped up in the air. Me and my buds loved the light show and are feeling pretty good; we wander back and do what ever we please. It was a good day.
The next day I was feeling a bit rusty, slowly arising to the sun beaming into my room. The smooth icicles drip drop after drop, but the vast amounts of untouched snow brought joy to my heart. I toss the toasty covers off like ripping a band aid, better to do it quick. Without eating anything I run outside like a little boy on Christmas morn’, grabbing my skis and gear on my way out. I walked outside and felt the warm sun on my face and the cool breeze on my cheeks; I ran quickly to my half pipe and started shredding it up.
It wasn’t long after that I saw my buddy from our crazy adventure last night pull up in my icy driveway. I yell out to him “What’s up maaan?” He yells back “Get in my car!” I swiftly tread through the deep snow to his car, I open the door and he screams “LETS TEAR IT UP!” I knew what was up, I hopped in and we sped off.

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