The Moments That Made My Life Change

January 21, 2011
By cilaatrc BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
cilaatrc BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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First Flight

Summer 2009 had to be one of the best summers in the world! Karla, my sister came to New York with my niece and asked me to drive back with her to Tennessee for about a month. I told her yes because I was not going to pass a whole summer being here bored in New York when I could leave for most of the summer. The month passed quickly while I was over there and so it was time for me to leave and come home. We drove to the airport at 5:00am. I was not happy about that but I made the best of it. We arrived at the airport. The moment I took a step into that airport my heart dropped. I didn’t know what to believe it. Honestly I don’t even want to sound cheesy about anything but it was true I was actually excited to be an airport for the first time. My heart was racing all I could keep saying in my head was, “MY FIRST FLIGHT!!!” I had this biggest smile on my face the whole time I couldn’t even move from that first step I took. I know I looked stupid but still loved it. I loved the idea of me finally being in the airport. I have no idea what came over me but I felt this idea of growth finally being able to say yeah, “I been on a plane before.” Although I loved my first step into the airport my flight was getting ready to leave. To be honest I didn’t even want to move and leave I just wanted to admire the airport the entire time. I still continued to look dumb and my sister started yelling, “MOOOVVVEEEEE!!!!!”


I love my niece Layla. I love everything about her she is the best little thing that came into my life. Some love to call her my daughter because she follows me everywhere and I take the most care of her when she comes to New York. One random day around March of 2010 I received a phone call and this phone call changed my entire view of life.

“Hey Priscila, how are you? Karla, my older sister said with a very happy tone.

“Hey Karla, I’m fine I just came home from a softball game and now I’m about to start some HW. What is wrong? You never call around this time?” I said very confused.

“Nothing I wanted to ask you if everything was okay because I found out I am getting deployed to Afghanistan this summer. So I want to know if it is okay for me to buy a flight for you to spend about a week in Tennessee and then leave with Layla back to New York for a year and half.”

At first I thought I said to myself,” Yeah my niece awesome I’m excited!” But then later that day it hit me how much work it will take to raise a little girl without her mom or dad. Also having that both her parents are in the military. I didn’t know what to think but just freeze. That day was a very bittersweet moment. It just didn’t make sense to me why I said yes right away now that my life is going to be tied life to a five year old. My niece made a huge difference in me she made me see that hard work in things that are important and things that aren’t. She also made me see the importance in being firm in what you believe in as well. Little people do show you a lot.

I called my sister back and made sure she knew my answer was a yes.

Layla Turning five

For the first time I never realized that watching someone turn another age would be such a joyful moment. I held Layla for the first time when she was just a couple of days old and came to New York. Now she lives with me and is Five years old. For her fifth birthday I took her bowling. Not many little kids came but my friends mostly did. I planned the whole party it felt just like if I was her mom because I was the one who had to pay for the whole thing, find people who were coming, make sure they were coming, get the cake. I didn’t think it took so much planning and work to make a five year old happy. When that final big day came and it was time to have fun at the bowling alley that day was sort of the best day in my life. I felt this sort of accomplishment come over me. I thought ofthe idea that I finally made it this far as an aunt with her. I thought well all we can do is keep growing and changing together for the better. What made me cry a little was when Layla told me before we left the house, “Titi remember when I was a baby and you carried me.” My heart couldn’t bear it anymore I didn’t know what to say to her but just cry because I do remember that day and now I look I see a little girl growing up. To think about it she is my niece she isn’t even my daughter!!! But hey I do love her like one.

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