PB & Jelly Waffle

January 21, 2011
By Erik Yanez BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Erik Yanez BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I was once just a food addict like the rest of you. I had cravings for anything that was around to eat since I would always skip on eating in the morning and during lunch. Maybe not all the time, but literally most of the time, since eating in the morning felt like it was pointless knowing my body mysteriously rejects food early in the day. It even upset my mother since she would always buy muffins, waffles, cookies, and sweet bread hoping to tempt us enough to at least chew on something in the morning. After quite some time it got into her head that I wouldn’t eat but she knew I would fill up right after school. At first I would have to go to my cousins house so later in the day my mother can pick me up on the way home from work since I didn’t drive yet. During my wait after school me and my cousin would get to his house and just hang out. I would hear him opening and closing cabinets continuously. In my mind the thought of him looking for snacks or food always came up until I decided to get off the couch from watching TV and take a look for myself at what he was doing.

I guess I was wrong once I saw what was in his hand and on his plate. My cousin was actually making a his own type of food that can really satisfy ones own taste buds. He was holding a spoon full of peanut butter dipped in Captain Crunch cereal and a plate full of Enchiladas which are rolls of tortilla filled with cheese and covered by chile rojo. Then his plate was coated with beans and more chili. As a hungry person I wanted to create that for myself but couldn’t because the moment I thought it was the moment my mother called telling me she was outside in the truck ready to leave. That pretty much upset me and left no choice but to create my own masterpiece to enjoy. Knowing there was no enchiladas I had to think of a food that can go with basically anything that’s when my mothers pointless breakfast food kicked in and gave me a basic start. I grabbed the waffles and toasted them while I searched through cabinets for things to add on. I found peanut butter which made me also add jelly. Somehow I remember hearing someone tell me Elvis Presley use to put banana slices in his PB&J sandwich so I added it to my creation.

I began to spread peanut butter onto the the separate waffles then adding the banana slices which I cut with a spoon after putting jelly. Once I was done I was never more excited or prepared to bite something. I was interrupted by the cookies in the corner of my eye which suddenly appeared in my sandwich. When I was convinced that I was done I asked myself, what are waffles without syrup? To go rid of that question I made sure every single square on my waffle was full with 50% less fat syrup, but that 50% less fat didn’t matter since the rest of the ingredients were going to make up for it. Sitting in front of me was my single and most accomplished piece of work. Since I grew up with manners it only felt right to name it, I call it Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffle. Now whenever waffles are around, Ill have some thing to eat for breakfast before heading to school. The mysterious feeling afterward is always worth it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece feeling that others should also try to create some type of food that can interest others.

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