Cinnamon Apple

January 21, 2011
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Cinnamon Apple pancakes were the highlight of my weekend, with some easy ingredients, cooking, and great taste. Now since this was for a class I wasn’t too excited to make these pancakes, but at the time I was hungry so I had a little motivation to make this breakfast item.

This is a very easy way to satisfy hunger and be happy. First, you start nice and slow with some normal house hold utilities; eggs, milk, pancake mix and some patience. Start off with a nice clean bowl made for large amounts of delicious pancake mixes. Crack one egg on the outside of the bowl, but make sure you don’t make a mess. Go to the fridge and grab some milk that hasn’t expired yet. Pour of a cup in the mixed bowl. And finally the most important ingredient, cinnamon needs to be put in. But try not to use too much or you will over exaggerate the taste like a mad teacher.

Now at this point you should have mixed everything completely, and have your grandma’s lucky cooking pan warm with a little amount of cooking oil. Put your oven pilot on medium and pour the mix in the pan. But make sure that you don’t put to much in at one time or they will be humongous pancakes. Now it shouldn’t take more than 10 min for them to cook, but make sure to flip them so not to burn and look like flavor flav pancakes. Once there done put the pancakes on a plate fit for a king. Don’t use any old regular old Petty Crocker syrup. Get yourself some apple pie sauce of course, the kind used to make apple pies. And put that on top of the beautiful creation in front of you. Get a knife, fork, and some OJ. Then enjoy the orgasm in your mouth!

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