Not Another Baseball Game

January 21, 2011
By Anonymous

It was July 20th and we are on our way to Yankees Stadium. We arrived at stadium and I yelled “DAD and MOM, Look this stadium is amazing”. The Yankees are a very good team to watch. The Yankees usually have a great record. I could not wait to get out of the car and run in to the stadium and watch them play. I yelled “DAD, Come look at this stadium it is very nice”. I had quite the experience. I could not imagine it. This was my first year to the new Yankees Stadium. I was very excited! I could not wait to watch the game. It is always fun to go there because not matter how many times that you go there you still have fun every time that you go.
We always need to leave our house very early in the morning because it takes very long to get to New York City. It usually takes us about 6 or 6 ½ hour to get there. It seems like it is a very long car ride just because I am very excited and can not wait to get there.

Once we get close to the city the traffic begins to get very bad. Everyone is starting to honk there horn. Most of the traffic in the George Washington Bridge, We finally get through all of the traffic then we get very close to the stadium. 2 Years ago we went to the new Yankee Stadium; the new stadium was a lot nicer then the old stadium. I have been to one game in the new stadium. I would really like to go back there. The newer stadium looks a lot more modern. I was really surprised about it. I could not wait to watch the game.

We were waiting outside of the gate and I was so anxious to get into the stadium I didn’t want to wait in the line. I am standing there in line and every minute I am getting closer and closer. We finally get into the stadium I could not wait to see the field I was very anxious.
The Yankees are a wonderful team and they know how to play baseball very well. They have wonderful skill and I am so excited when they win the game. The Yankees game was a highlight of my summer.

Every time that the Yankees gained a run the crowds roared like a stampede of elephants they were all very excited. It was approaching the end of the game and the score was very close the Yankees were up to bat and they scored a run and the won the game. Everyone was screaming with excitement. Everyone was happy and excited, that was quite a feeling of excitement that I felt.

I also enjoyed the game a lot. There were some major plays. I can’t remember though I think that the Yankees lost. I think that it was a very close game they faced the Baltimore Orioles. I really enjoyed the game.

The game started at like 7:05 so it ended very late. But it worked out good r there because my family slept over in a hotel for 2 nights. The hotel was just out of New York it was in New Jersey. The hotel was very nice. In the morning we went to the I- Hop for breakfast it was very good. When we were finished eating we just drove through the city. We walked around Times Square. We ate at the Hard Rock Café. I loved the restaurant a lot. There food was very good.

The following day we started to head back home and on our way home we stopped at the Orange County Chopper store. I really liked that store. They have so many different cycles. They had them in all different sizes and all different colors. Most of them weren’t for sale if they were for sale they were very expensive. They also had a lot of OCC clothing for sale. I would really like to have one of those cycles. I couldn’t imagine how nice the store was.

Shortly after we got back home to our house and I had a really nice vacation. It was very nice experience. I couldn’t imagine how nice it was. I would love to go back there. I had quite the experience.

This was an amazing vacation and I had loads of fun!

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