Cruise Ships

January 20, 2011
By , Issaquah, WA
Last summer, my parents decided that we should go on a vacation. As we thought of ideas my brother suggested doing something we have never done, go on a cruise. My immediate response was “no.” My mother and I, being claustrophobics, were very skeptical of the idea. After a few minutes of “heated discussion” my father convinced us that the quarters “really weren’t that bad and could accommodate us well.” I was still unconvinced but my mother fell for my dads evil mind tricks. Little did I know that it was a Disney cruise…

When we arrived in port, after the 10 hour flight to New Orleans, we finally saw the ship we would embark upon. It was big and looked like it had plenty of room, then we went on the ship… The first thing I noticed was the amount of people onboard, half of those people being little kids. I thought to myself “there is no way this many people can fit on this ship unless…” Then we arrived at our room, I stood outside the door in disbelief; the room was tiny. At about that moment, my mom and I glared at my dad. I sincerely hope he had nightmares about those stares.

It wasn’t until we were under way that things started getting worse. The first day out to sea, after a terrible nights sleep, I decided I would go for a relaxing swim in the pool. It was only about 10:00am and I thought that most people would still be getting breakfast or sleeping, was I wrong. I still don’t know the exact number but I thought there were at least one hundred and fifty small children in the pool, all of them splashing and screaming. After twenty seconds or so, I received the worst headache I have ever experienced. To this day I can hear the screaming in my dreams…

After a few days out to sea, I decided to take a stroll around the deck and see the sights. Even from the opposite side of the ship I could hear the faint screaming of kids in the pool. As I gazed downwards and stared at the waves thinking of just jumping in, I came to the revelation: I. hate. cruise. ships.

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