Slicing Through the Heavens

January 20, 2011
By tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~ Maria Robinson

“Twang”, a hooded figure releases the arrow in a sudden burst of noise, reminding you of a guitars broken string. All you can see is the arrow cutting through the air, in a mad dash for the target. After a quick, incomparable shot, the arrow makes a bulls eye, and the hooded figure raises his head cheering. That is me doing my favorite sport, Archery.

I like archery for many reasons, maybe the challenge of getting a bulls eye, or the feel of a bow in your hands. The excitement of making your first bulls eye, it’s incomparable. Though many people do not know this, getting a bulls eye takes much patience and self-control. I missed at least twenty times before I could hit the target and at least thirty more times until I could get the bulls eye. It also required a lot of practice and dedication. It’s not as simple as picking up a bow and shooting. I practiced notching an arrow at least a month before I actually tried to shoot. After my first bulls eye I was so excited I ran into the house yelling,” I did it! I did it!” until my sister through her shoe at me. Now it also feels wonderful to hold your very own bow. The bow is an extension of yourself. When you are choosing a bow, you don’t get the flashiest, or the one with the most gadgets, you get the one that feels the best in your grip. I personally chose a small compact bow because when I picked it up, I felt a feeling of tranquility that I had never felt before. Moreover, I knew this was my bow.
Now, a bulls eye may be fun yes, but competition, that is what really gets your blood pumping. When I compete, I enter a new realm of senses, my blood pumps and my mind races. I love the thrill I get when I walk up to my place, ready to go against my opponents. The challenge, getting the most points, most of all, my opponents. Though my opponents are fierce, I always overcome them, and get through the battle of wills. My opponents usually try to unnerve me, or make me feel uncomfortable, or even try to make me want to drop out. However, I never let them get into my head that way. I just keep telling myself three words,”I will succeed.”

Archery is the only sport I can call my own; it is my haven; the only sport I know and am actually good at. When I shoot, I feel as if I am slicing through the heavens with my arrow. Archery; My sport, my haven, my life.

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this piece for a school requirement, but when i started, i began to release my feelings, and this was the outcome.

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