Only One Month.

January 20, 2011
By AnnabelMarks BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
AnnabelMarks BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Saturday, June 26 2055.

That is the estimated date of my death according to the Internet. Forty- four years. I will be fifty- eight. Here I sit, pool-side in Texas, drinking Green Tea because it's supposed to make people happy, and blogging. And I can't imagine a better moment to write about this. I can't imagine a more clear and real moment to express to you my thoughts. The sky is white. It blends in with my Spartans T-shirt. The sky looks bigger than normal and it reminds me that I am larger than my body here on Earth. And I know it's true. But what happens to the people that know they are going to die? How does this kind of sky look to them? Do you ever wonder what they're thinking? Do you ever sit there and think that maybe there are a few things you should be doing, and maybe a little more that you shouldn't? Can you imagine finding out the day of your death? Imagine the expression on your face. The expression on you mother, father, daughter, son, or friends face. Imagine the pitter-patter of your heart when you hear the words "One month". And now imagine the death of your world but the rise of another. A world that will never end. An eternal sense of happiness. Our life on this world determines out life on the next. We make plans, we go out, we talk, we look at our watches. But do we really see the time? Not just the hands moving around but THE time. The time that defines us. Live today not for tomorrow but for your eternity. Live because you can, because that "One month" limit doesn't necessarily apply to you. Don't live for anything but the relationship that brought you to life. The relationship that will also take you out of it. Make the REAL choice that will bring you life. Don't live for that high, or that kiss, or that song, or for your tomorrow, because tomorrow's can run out, but His love never will.

"Remember, O God, that my life is but a breath

The author's comments:
Don't we all think about these things?

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