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January 20, 2011
By Shelby Janousek BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
Shelby Janousek BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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You may be familiar to the saying “See your life flash before your eyes”, or maybe not. The reason I say that is because the eleventh of January I crashed. Although it seems bad I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes.

When I woke up on the eleventh it seemed like a normal day. I got ready and then went out to clean the snow off of my car. After I was finished with that I had to go get my books and then I could leave. As I approached the end of my driveway I sent a text massage to my mom. The same massage I send to her everyday “bye love you” and I started to head for school. The road I live on is always drifted so it was a challenge to make it to the stop sign. The real problem was when I went on seventy two. I always slow down when I make it to my grandpa’s house and look to see if my cousins are on the way up to the house. When I started to slow down for the corner I could feel the brakes lock up. I made it through the corner and continued down the road. Another place that I tend to slow down for is the hill. The reason for that is because there are a lot of corners and the road isn’t always plowed.

I just made it off of the hill when I hit ice. I swerved and missed the guardrail on my side but, I managed to hit another patch of ice. That time everything changed, I hit the guardrail on the opposite side of the road that I was heading. When my car hit the guardrail it spun around for the second time and I got thrown into a snow bank. My car stopped just in time or I would have hit a tree head on.

After the car stopped I got out and had to and find my cell phone. As soon as my phone showed up I called my mom and told her I crashed. She asked where I was, and if I was ok, I told her “yes, but I hit my head three times and my legs are numb”. She said that she would send Dave down because she couldn’t get out of milking. As I was waiting cars went by, they didn’t bother to help but rather to smile and wave. The first people to stop were Aaron and Nick, they asked if I needed a ride to school but I said no and they went on. About five minutes into waiting for Dave, my uncle Matt came to help me out. He was heading toward the school so he stopped on the road and Patrick hoped out of the car and came over by me. I was attempting to get my bags out of my car but, when my car hit the guardrail it also hit a tiny metal pole right on the passenger door. I could get the door open about half the way but I would slam shut if I wasn’t holding it. That’s were Patrick came in handy, he held the door open so I could get everything out, by that time my uncle had turned around and was stopped on the road. At that point Dave was coming up next to my uncle with a chain. Before they started anything the Brunner family came by and picked up Patrick and Dodge. Dave said that the car didn’t look to bad but we needed to get it out of the snow bank before I could go to school. They managed to get my car out with no problems, hopping that I wouldn’t have to go to school but I still did. Matt dropped me off and I went on with my day.

In conclusion I have learned two things from this experience, the first being that I can’t change what I normally do and the second thing even if you only go thirty you can still crash. So a word to the wise go slow you never know what is going to happen, especially on roads in Elmwood.

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The wonderful things of winter!

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