Car Crash on 72

January 20, 2011
By , Elmwood, WI
Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes, wondering what was going to happen next? One day this happened to my uncle Timmy, no one knew if he was ok or not.

One day on our way home from Gillet we were just coming into Elmwood on 72 after the rain turned the snow to slush. Timmy hit the edge of the slush and it pulled him into the ditch. He lost control of the car and he ran into one tree, then he spun around and hit another tree and ended up in between two trees. We called 911 as fast as we could. My dad jumped out of the truck to go see if he was ok, and my mom and I went to get my grandma. When we got back the ambulance and cop cars were already there, down by the car trying to get him out. After they finally got him out they rushed him to the hospital. While at the hospital they did test and took MRIs, and the one good thing that happened that day was that all he has was a sprained arm and a slit in his right eye where he got 11 stitches.

Timmy came home the next day and when he came home he saw the car, and the car was in pretty bad shape, it was smashed from one end of the car to the other end. The driver and passenger door were smashed in, the windows we broke. There was no way of fixing the car at all.

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