My Accident

January 20, 2011
I was in a car accident in June of 2010. This is how a police officer and my dad were kind to me. The police officer was becausee of what I got from him, but that will come later, and my dad was becausee he did’t over react.

This will start off on how I got the car and what happened. One day I was suppose to bring a plate of cookies up to my grandmas as a thank you from my family for something, my grandma just lives less than a mile up the road from me, we have a road that links my house to her house back threw the fields, but I did’t want to take that road I wanted to take the real road to feel more grown up and I love to drive.

After I dropped the plate of cookies off I decided to go around the block instead of straight home. If you go around the block by my house the length I about two miles long. So then as I was driving everything was going good as it always does but then I turned the second corner. When you turn the second corner on this block there is a house on the left, this house is on the Pierce/ Dunn county line. That this house is on the Pierce/ Dunn county line is very relevant to the story becausee that little detail could have changed my life forever.

Once I turned that corner there came a song on the radio that I strongly dislike, this song reminded of a person that ruined my life and made it much worse and he will make me regret a decision for the rest of my life. So as I was changing the radio station I lost focus and went onto the other side of the road and into the ditch. I did’t just go into the ditch I jumped their driveway and almost rolled the car onto the side on the other side if the driveway.

Then I got drove myself out of the ditch and once I was concentrated on driving again I started heading home, I was less than a mile away from home now and I slowly drove myself and I was only concentrating on driving the radio seemed to not even matter anymore it seemed almost non-existent.

Once I arrived at my house I went inside and acted as if nothing had happened. Then I looked outside and saw a red car pull in this same red car I had seen in the driveway of the ditch I had went into, so I had to fess up to my parents about what had just happened. So my dad went outside to speak with the people in the car but when he went outside the car was gone. Only a few minutes later I had a seen a cop car pull in the driveway so dad went outside and started talking to the police officer and then dad had came inside and said that the police officer had wanted to talk to me so I went outside.

When I had gotten outside the officer said hi to me and then he proceeded to ask me what had happened. So I started explaining. I said that my parents had told me to take the field road up to my grandmas and drop off these cookies and then come straight home but I did’t listen and I went around the block and as I turned the second corner a song came on that I disliked and as I was changing I swerved and before I knew it I was on the other side of the road in the ditch and then he started asking me questions like if I was wearing my seatbelt and I said no becausee I wasn’t and he asked if I was ok and I said yes I was just a little shaken and then he proceeded to say that I would just receive a ten dollar seat belt ticket. So we went over to his computer and made me a “fake id.” I call it that becausee the officer said I needed one just to put me in the computer.

Then the officer printed off my ticket and he left. Then we went inside and proceeded to talk about it and I said that I was never driving again. But I have since then and in conclusion that I one of the things I regret most and I would of changed that if I could. And I would also change a lot of other things.

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