My Dad Helping Me With My Broken Arm

January 20, 2011
By farmboy BRONZE, Menomonie, Wisconsin
farmboy BRONZE, Menomonie, Wisconsin
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It was the hot humid sticky summer day of June 8th 2005 and my dad and I were just doing some minor jobs on the farm mostly just moving Equipment. and we had this Quite old stalk chopper that needed to be moved and we took the skid steer and we took a chain and we wrapped it around the tongue of the machine and we lifted it up and I put the jack on it and then dad backed the tractor up the machine and we started to hook it up.
The tractor was just a little too far over so we just pulled the stalk chopper over with our hands as mine slipped dad let go and I got my hand smashed in between the jack and the tongue instantly my dad pulled it over and I pulled my hand out of in between my hand was all bloody and my fingers hurt really bad my dad took me inside and started to wash it off. As he was washing my hand he said we got to go to the hospital and so we did I was lucky I only had a fracture and that’s all the doctor said that I could have crushed my hand but I’m happy that they didn’t have to amputate it so I got a cast put on it and two months later they took it off I was happy to get that thing off it was annoying and bulky and got in the way a lot I’ll never forget my dad when he helped me get through all of the pain and the hurt .
My dad proved to keep helping me over those two months with a cast. He would help me with breakfast and getting dressed I’ll never forget how my dad helped me all that time that he took all the things he said to make my day better.

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