Down on the Farm

January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever heard of running with the bulls? I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve experienced that on my own farm. Life on the farm isn’t always boring and simple. There is always work to be done and animals to be kept happy. My story is both frightening and humorous. Over the summer I was helping my uncle get his cows and steers back in their pen after they had gotten out. What I forgot to think about, was the 1200+ pound bull out as well. As I say life down on the farm is never boring.

Over the summer I was at my aunt’s house eating lunch when my grandpa came down and said “the steers and cows are out we need your help.” When you hear that immediately you start getting your barn stuff on to go. That day it had been raining and had gotten very muddy especially in the fields. My neighbor was out in the field keeping the cows from running out on the road. I saw her and was going to go over and talk to her to get the scoop. A couple of cows decided to start following me. Forgetting that there was a bull out too I didn’t think anything about it. Once I saw that large mammoth animal coming at me I started running. I soon realized that things could turn bad in no time at all. Running through the trees and around the shed my dad finally saw what was happening. As soon as he saw that he came running over with a stick and started hitting the bull. Finally the bull was done chasing me.

My experience that day made me a little bit scared of the bull. Everyone tells me that he only wanted to be petted because he is a friendly bull. No matter what anybody tells me I am not going to stop running, put my hand out, and pet the bull on the head. Later on after this incident happened they had gotten out again I made sure that the bull was not out. Thank god he wasn’t otherwise I would have been out of there faster than you could say “run”. I am very thankful that my dad is a farmer and he knows how to stop a bull from chasing you. Had I had a stick to hit him with that might have been a different story. The lesson I learned is that no matter what happens on a farm always be on look out for the bull, even if he just wants a pet on the head!

The author's comments:
Running with the bull will always be a memory in my mind.

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