Helping My Aunt and Uncle

January 20, 2011
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During this past summer, I was asked by my Aunt and Uncle to babysit their two boys. For their fifth anniversary, they were going camping up north for the weekend. Some people don’t like to babysit. I like to help my Aunt and Uncle and really enjoy babysitting their kids.

In mid August my Aunt Julie and Uncle Mike called me up wondering if I would be interested in watching their kids, Derek and Brett, for the weekend. I was definitely interested and was looking forward to spending time with them. The weekend was finally here and their parents dropped them off at our house early Saturday morning. They warmed up to Jordan first and asked him if he wanted to help them build their car track. Of course, Jordan helped them set it up and finally started racing the cars around the track.

After racing the cars around for two hours I thought about taking them to the apple orchard. So we asked the kids if they wanted to go and they said yes. My parents, Derek, Brett, and I took a small road trip to the other side of Spring Valley. Of course I had to sit in between them in the back seat with their car seats on both sides of me, it was tight. When we arrived we just couldn’t miss seeing hundreds of apple trees surrounding us. They were so excited to take a wagon ride out in the woods to pick their very own apples.

After having a great time picking apples, we went to Menomonie to have Ted’s Pizza. While waiting for our pizza, Derek played tick tack toe with my dad. After eating the delicious pizza, we decided it was getting late and we should head on home.

We arrived home and got the kids in their pajamas and tucked them in bed. We put an mattress down in my bedroom so if they had any problems during the night I could take care of them. There was one problem during the night, Derek woke up and started crying. He missed his parents, so I laid down beside him until he fell asleep. Then I crawled back into my bed.

The boys slept in until ten o’clock the next morning. We had French toast and scrambled eggs. Brett does not like eggs so he had a yogurt instead. They got dressed and at noon their parents were already here. They were so glad to see their parents. They ran up and gave them lots of hugs and kisses. They were very sad to leave us because they had a good time.

In conclusion, I love babysitting. I especially like babysitting Derek and Brett because they know me very well and are very energetic. I look forward to the next time I get to babysit Derek and Brett. They are great kids!

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