January 20, 2011
By jacked_up_sharpie GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
jacked_up_sharpie GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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"Talk when you are angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret."

Yuu are amazing. So amazing that I am writing a teenage love note just because there is no one else I can express just how much I love you. When I think of yuu, I suddenly understand all those love songs and love quotes. Every Taylor Swift song out there suddenly clicks. I didn't think I would ever be this type of girl. The girl that drops everything to talk to yuu, that blushes outragously, or doodles yuur name while I daydream. I have become that type of girl that I used to make fun of. So, remember that feeling yuu got when yuu get really high up on the swing, and yuu feel like jumping off? The wind is rushing, and sand looks tempting and the high yuu get is just overwhelming. So yuu jump, and of course yuu fall, and then yuu do it all over again. Well, that is how yuu are to me[: Yuu are that high that I can look at, and that rush of happiness comes over me, everytime. It is absolutely vivacious. So yeah, I love you. And it is that little kid love where I want to give yuu a flower and kiss on the cheek, but that other kind of love where I want to always be with yuu. Forever and Always, Happily Ever After, Till Death Do Us Part. Call it what yuu want, and when yuu want it because to me all I have to say..I am in hand holding, mushy love notes, butterfly kisses, late night phone calling, eyes staring, in love with yuu.

"So love me. Want me. Choose me."

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