January 19, 2011
Picture the brightest, gooiest, and my favorite thing in the world. No, it's not my cousin's nachos (although those are really amazing), it's my retina-shattering purple exercise putty, or "Squishy" as I like to call it. When I was very little, I, like most infants, received my vaccinations, however I, unlike most infants, had a reaction to my Polio vaccine. Now, the reaction wasn't horrible, but it was enough to weaken my muscle growth. When I was older (I can't remember when, but I know this happened) my mom took me down from Cedar City over in Utah all the way down to Palm Springs in California for physical therapy.
"Mommy," I stammered out in the waiting room. "The doctor's not gonna jab me, are they."
"No," Mom reassured as she tousled my mop of hair. "They're going to make you better."
"But I not sick!" my inner two-year-old retorted.
"No, but your muscles are, and the people here are going to make you nice and strong," then she did what any mother would do, she started to tickle me.
"Mrs. Langley," a girl in a huge, white coat said (just in time too, I was about to pee myself). "The doctor's ready to see your son."
Now, you and I would expect a normal doctor and a normal office, but no here. There was a ball pit, a giant bin overflowing with toys, and a bed with actual sheets and a pillow, and the doctor was a woman who happened to be only one foot taller than me.
"Hi there," the lady said with a smile like you would see on your grandmother. "What's your name?"
"Jason," I murmured, still in awe that this utopia was a doctor's office.
"Right, now then, how would you like to have some putty?" She asked as she peered over her glasses that made her eyes look gigantic.
"Is that like Playdough?" I immediately perked up. I LOVE that stuff, Mom never gets it for us because it kept getting stuck in the carpet or drying out or some thing, but to get some, even for just a few minutes, would be amazing.
"Sort of, it doesn't dry out and it's twice as fun," she evaluated, giggling slightly at my excitement.
"Yeah!" At this point, I was about ready to explode from excitement from getting my own, never-dry putty.
"Okay. Now then, we have two colors left, and they're only half as big as normal, so you get them both," she mentioned as she pulled out two little containers, one with blue putty and one with... pink. Not a subtle pink, mind you, but a freakishly bright pink.
"Can I mix them?" I wondered because I do not want dumb, stupid, girly-pink putty.
"Of course," she said smiling. So, I mixed, molded, and combined them and got my new friend Squishy, the vibrant, eye-searing purple exercise putty.

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MikeWilhelm said...
Jan. 22, 2011 at 12:59 pm
Just so you know, I did not pu those stupid "&quote" things in there, that was from the editors.
MikeWilhelm replied...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 11:29 am
ok it is fixed
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