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January 18, 2011
By katherine canales BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
katherine canales BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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As the sun crawled out of the horizon there I stood with my eyes set on the task I was about to embark on. When I focused my eyes to the challenge that came ahead of me a smile spread across my face. The terrible home I was about to fix looked like a store at the end of Black Friday. It looked like pure chaos. The house needed a paint job ASAP and the back yard was such a disaster that we all realized it was going to take a while for the job to get done. While cleaning up the mess ,I seemed to spot the owner of the house looking at us. As the sun hit her beautiful face you could see her eyes shinning and see the color pink sneak onto her chicks. The smile she held in her face was of pure joy. When I saw the lady my heart filled with happiness. To see and notice how much doing something for some one can really impact that certain persons life. How a person can help and change some ones life by showing a small act of kindness.

Cluck Cluck Smack was embedded in my head after that long day of hard work. I spent quite some time reaching for Oranges and Grapefruits that were set on top of the trees. We had to be very careful not to pull them to much so that they would not ripe or smack on the floor. The first thing I was asked to do was to carry the sticks we had to use to reach the fruit out of the car and to the house. The hassle I went through to make sure I did not poke myself with those sticks was tremendous. Stretching to reach the top of the trees, was a struggle because of the fact that I am so small. I had to stand on the tip of my toes some times and all that stretching of my arms and legs really showed the next day. My arms and legs hurt so much that people thought I had worked out , my abs were killing me. During this event I went out with the Interact group at school so we all worked together and really got tons of work done. We all had our mined set to the same goal. This was that we all wanted to collect as much citrus as we could for the association we were trying to help. The people of the neighborhood may have provided the trees but all of us provided the labor and made it easier for the association to gather it. All the hard work needed to gather all the fruit made me notices how we were helping not only Arizona with what we were doing but also other states that do not produce much citrus. It amazed me how just a couple of hours of hard work could help with so many thing in so many places.

Running into the room full of tables with books, the children’s faces scanned the room for a book to read. These are the children I have been around once or twice during Read to Me . They are interesting kids that once you get them talking they never stop. Some of them love the pop up books other love the I Spy books but they are all different. Usually you have to stand up and ask the kid if he wants to read with you because they are to shy to ask. Then when you sit down to read to them its like the atmosphere changes. Everything relaxes, the lights in the room change and the dark face of that troubled kid lights up. A smile appears in their face and their eyes begin to sparkle of joy. While reading the book they say thank you and you smile toward them and move on . You do not realize just how much it means to them. Then when you tell them to pick a book out to take they run along and say thank you just for allowing them to take a book. As they walk out of the room they shout out a thank you and then it hits you what a differences you have made. How two hours of reading to them can actually change their lives. This child leave with a smile in their face because they just had a time were they could skip out of their miserable reality and travel to the world of fantasy. A world were they have no problems and all they have to do is relax and enjoy the ride. Helping the children travel to another place with no troubles, full of piece filled my heart and made me realize how much I had done for those kids something simple but meaningful.

By volunteering to help others in the community I believe I have become a better person. I have grown to realize just how much of a difference some one can make in a persons life by simply helping them out. My life has changed in so many ways I feel more useful know and it gives me some thing to look forward to. When I see the smiles we cause ,by helping out, my heart is full of happy feeling and I am proud of being the reason for their smile. For being able to spread a glimpse of hope into these persons life’s. For being able to give them some peace in the world. My life was changed by many of these events I went to and thanks to them I have experienced such beautiful feeling that will for always impact my life greatly.

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It was a really enjoyable time.

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