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January 17, 2011
By 1schallhorn SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
1schallhorn SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. Kopecky:

A business manager must be a complicated yet gratifying career—you are daily obtaining and reviewing the most recent audited financial statements. Being a senior in high school, I have noticed a financial issue regarding textbooks. I have some recommendations that may help the student body.

The majority of classes at my school require students to pay a textbook fee. From my experience, I am estimating textbook fees are averaging $125 annually. These fees wouldn’t be as concerning if the textbooks were consistently being used. Although some books are used on occasion, much of the student population would concur that textbooks spend most of their time collecting dust in the lockers. This generation is known for its utilization of technology, as opposed to script on paper. In essence, teachers would rather lecture and use current technology than have students read from ancient textbooks.

In addition to the up-front payment, if the textbooks are lost, stolen, or damaged, students must pay more to replace them. This is fair, but the books are more prone to being lost or stolen if they are hardly used.

I think it would be more beneficial to place textbooks in the library, and similar to other library books, students could check them out when needed. This will save students money, and also cut down on school registration chaos. Many of the teachers have a set of textbooks handy in classrooms for a reference or study material. However, if the students need a textbook for an assignment, they will be available in the library.

I would appreciate your thoughts regarding this financial change. My contact information is stated above, thank you for your time.



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