January 17, 2011
By magathia18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
magathia18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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There are many different types of personalities that people can posses. Typically, their personality matches the ones of their peers. Since, there are around them for so much, it is understandable that they have the same personality or else they wouldn’t get along very well. My personality is reflecting off of my peer groups because we have many of the same views.

My personality is flamboyant. I have many different qualities to my personality. I am very considerate of others because when I see something wrong with them, I try to think of ways to make it better. I make other people’s problems become problems as if they were my own. Sometimes I even truncate my own plans to help others with their problems. I try to help them find the best way to solve the problem so that they can make the best decision. I think about the ways that it will affect them in the future and how it will put them in the best place. I want others to reach their utopia, so that they are jaunty with their decision. Another part of my personality is that I don’t like to be ostentatious. Typically, I don’t like to draw attention to myself and buy expensive clothing. I would rather save my money for more important things in my life than my appearance.

A part of my personality that I am not proud of is that I can be timorous to people that I haven’t meet before. It takes me a while to open up to new people. I think I am this way because I think that new people might become fractious and become violent. I try not to assume that it is going to happen because it hasn’t happened before but in the back of my mind I think that it could someday. I am trying to expunge this from my personality, because I wish I was more outgoing. There is a schism in my personality because I am cheerful and self confident when I am around people that I know, but then when I am around people that I don’t know I am very shy and quiet. This is a division in my personality that I wish I didn’t have because I would like to cheerful and outgoing all the time. This personality trait is something that I wish I could anathema from me.

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