January 17, 2011
By Hockeygirl SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Hockeygirl SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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“I got a car,” is all I tell my friends. It spirals into the 20 questions game…”What kind? How old? And what color is it?” With a smile on my face, I answer “It is a Toyota Matrix, 2003, and it is black.” Then I proceed to tell them that the car I just bought, I can’t drive - it is a manual. I am lost when it comes to changing gears and down shifting. And when I kill it (stall out), I give it - and me - pep talk.Come on Baby, you can do it!! Just start…there you go…Good Girl! Then my car and I are off again to our destination. It is always a mystery of whether my next smart is going to be a smooth one or a bumpy one. But I will get behind my wheel once again.
Meaning strong one or little champion, my name describes me. When I was younger, learning how to skate, I feel down countless number of times. I would hear my sister say “Get up and try it again.” Again and again I would try – perfecting the jump making sure it was as high and tight as it could be.
Trials like this occur every day …all the time - only the situation changes. I am a little champion because I keep going, through the obstacles. The issue could be something as simple as spilling my orange juice on my shirt…as I did three days ago. And as big issues as letting go after saying good-bye to someone that is important. I am strong, not in any physical means, but in free-spirit. I don’t want to give up on something I want. I hear my sister saying “Get up, try again. You can do it!!”
So as long as I listen to the voice that is a never-ending, I will get behind that wheel of my black Toyota to my next destination. “Come on, Carly, you can do it. Just get up and go!”

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