My Mom

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Me and my mom don’t get along good like we should as a daughter and mother. My mom lived a life where she didn’t have money to buy the things she wanted. She worked at a young age to help her mom and dad. My mom got married at an age 16 with my dad, she was a young lady who also got pregnant at a young age. She was in Mexico when she had my older sister and my older brother. When my dad decided he wanted to come here to the United States to work, it was hard for my mom to leave my brother and sister at Mexico. When my dad and mom got here a couple of days later my brother and sister got to the United States. My mom was a hard worker she worked all the time and during her pregnancy. Years past and she had my little sister and me, my dad and mom didn’t get along good they got separated when I was 7 years old. Ever since my mom and dad got separated my moms has been taking care of us and have raise us to be a better person in life. Ever since my mom and dad got separated my life had changes, didn’t want things to be like the way they are now. I wanted my life to be a happy life with my family together, but we fight a lot.
The way me and my mom are different are that my mom is always mad and always has the mad face. She is always yelling at me and my sisters for no reason. My mom is a type of person that doesn’t like getting help from us, she likes doing stuff by her self. When me and my mom fight we yell at each other in till she tells me to leave the house and to go live with my dad. I am a happy person even though it hurts me fighting with my mom. I don’t like getting my anger on other people when im mad.
The reasons that me and my mom don’t get along all the time are that she is always yelling at me because the house isn’t clean the way she cleans it. She also gets mad at me when I go out with my friends to parties or just to go hang out with them. Even though I sometimes understand her because I know that she cares about me and she doesn’t want nothing to happen to me. Another reason why me and my mom don’t get along is because every time she is mad at her boyfriend or because she had a bad day at work she always yells at me and takes her anger on me, and that takes it to us fighting. I would like my mom to keep her anger to her self or to have the trust to tell us what’s wrong with her, so that it would get us to arguing or fighting.
How things got better between me and my mom. Things between me and my mom are way better now then how it was before. Me and my mom now try to hang out more, we try to have conversations and she try’s to tell me her opinions when we go out. Me and my mom can lay down and watch TV without arguing like before. My mom now gives me her advice and tells me to go to school and to try hard to graduate and to not leave school because school is important in life. She also lets me go out with my friends, when I go out she tells me to be good and to not be bad she gives me her advice to not drink when I go to parties.
Getting along with your mom is important because your mom is not only your mom she is like a friend that you can tell your secrets to. She is a person that can help you with your problems, my mom is special to me and im glad that we both understand that its not always good to fight all the time. I and my mom don’t really get to see each other only at night if im awake when she comes from work, so I think seeing your mom all the time is important and also spending time with her. Fighting with your parents can effect you in your life, so that’s why try to work things out with them and if you have problems with them try to work things out and don’t try to make things worse.

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