My Wonderful Encounter in Montana

January 14, 2011
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I went to Montana for 2 weeks during the summer. We visited Yellowstone, WY. There are a lot of things I could talk about from our trip but the one major thing I remember is my dad ditching me, my sister Megan, my brother Peter, and my grandma Kathy in the car with a grizzly bear outside.

Me, Megan, Peter, and my grandma were in the car waiting to go to Yellowstone. My mom and grandpa were in the house we were staying at. My dad was handing the garbage to my grandma when Megan saw something behind a bush. When she realized what it was she started yelling at my dad. “DAD!! BEAR! BEAR!” When he looked he saw a baby grizzly bear. He then turned back towards us, through the garbage at my grandma and slammed the side door. As he ran towards the house he realized that the passenger door was open to so he ran back, closed the door and ran into the house. That’s when the bear noticed the car, with us still in it.

The bear started to walk towards the car. When it got to the side door, where my grandma was sitting, it started sniffing the door. We realized it could smell the garbage. To make things worse, Peter and me were sitting by the food in the car. It was the perfect treat to a bear. We were all scared but still took pictures of the bear. It was too good of an opportune to pass up. Of course it was the same with my dad who had run in the house leaving us to take pictures from the window. But as we’re taking pictures we all realize that this bear looked young enough to be with its mother, and if that mother bear comes it wouldn’t hesitate to tare off the car doors and attack us. This is what scared us the most. Not the bear outside the car but the mother bear that might be around the corner.

As the bear was sniffing the side of the door my grandma realized she was still holding the garbage and through it to the other side of the car. The bear stopped sniffing the side of the door and started to slowly walk to the back of the car, by Peter and me. When it got to the back of the car it got up on its back paws and put its front paws on the bumper of the car. It started to scratch at the back of the door, but it got bored and started to walk away. It kept walking towards the main building of the place we were staying at. We all sighed in relief that everything was ok. I looked at Peter.
“Wow! That was scary.”
“How old do you think it was?”
“How should I know.”
I looked at Megan. “You ok?” I asked. “Yeah. I thought it was a dog for a second.” She replied. “How did u think it was a dog?!” I yelled. “It was hidden behind a bush! Shut up!!” As we’re arguing a lady with a 1-year-old kid starts walking toward the main building. “What is she doing?!” I asked. “I don’t know,” said my grandma “but she’s walking towards the bear, and with that kid. How stupid can she be?” My grandma opened the door and stuck her head out. “Hey! What are you doing?!” she yelled at the lady “ Its dangerous don’t go near there.” The lady just smiled and kept walking towards the main building. She had a very stupid smile on her face. A smile that said, “look lets go pet the bear!”

“Look I don’t care if she wants to be an idiot and try and go by the bear but why does she have to bring the kid?! I said to my grandma “If that bear sees them and charges that lady isn’t even going to have time to turn around. And if the mother bear is near by she’s screwed.” We kept watching the women yelling at her to get away but she wouldn’t listen. Finally we left the car and ran back in the house. My mom, dad, and grandpa were by the door. “Are you guys ok?” my mom asked. “Yeah.” We said. “What the hell is that lady thinking?!” said my dad. “I don’t know.” My grandma said. We all got into the car and started to drive to the main building. We saw the bear by the garbage on the side of the building. It was scratching the side of the fence around it. “He’s pretty big for a baby” said my grandpa. “Do you think the mother bear is by?” asked my dad. “Hmm I don’t think so. It’s the end of the summer. This bear looks like he’s on his own…. Oh look he got into the garbage! If he was a full grown bear he would have gotten into the car.” We watched as the bear stated to eat the garbage. My grandpa started to take pictures of it. Click. Click. Click. As he took the pictures a women from the main building started to walk out of the door. “Don’t go outside!” yelled my grandpa. The women looked confused. “There’s a bear eating your garbage. She looked by the garbage and saw the bear, and turned around and ran back inside. Click. Click. Click. “Ok lets go before he notices us again.” said my dad. We turned around and drove down the road. “Hey dad. Thanks for ditching us!” I said. “Yeah! I cant believe you left us in the car.” Said peter. Megan just nodded her head. “I closed the doors didn’t I?” he laughed. “But you sit ditched us!” I laughed. When we got to the garbage drop off we stopped the car and decided to make my grandpa get out and through the garbage away. He didn't seem to like that.

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Trees said...
Nov. 17, 2012 at 1:14 am
Great story.  I live in Montana, and I have woken up to bears in my yard.  I hope you enjoyed the trip. One tip though, when doing dialogue you have to start a new paragraph when a different person talks.
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