I'm sorry

January 13, 2011

To me you are my best friend and you always will be. This is not a letter to make you forgive me or to guilt trip you. This is not to make you take me back or change your mind. This is truly to just say how much I miss you.

I regret that stupid letter that was meaningless. I regret ending it when I so desperately wanted to be together in high school. I am a jerk because you are the guy of my dreams.

I was always love you and I hated hurting you so bad. I know you don't like me anymore, I just want you to know I'll never forget you. You were such a great influence on me, my parents told me that. My parents also told me my smile and sparkle in my eyes disappeared when I lost you.

You are such a great guy and every girl would be very lucky to have you, just like I was.

God has a wonderful life planned out for you and I hope you can see that.

Yours Forever,

P.S. I'm sorry. I always will be.

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