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January 13, 2011
By shelia BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
shelia BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
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I believe in a stable environment.
When I was younger I moved around a lot I never stayed in one place for too long. I was taken from my mother a lot because she has made plenty of mistakes in her life that weren’t great. The first time I was took from my mother was because she did have anywhere to stay so social services sent me to my great- grandmothers house to live there. The second occasion was when she got evicted from her apartment for what reason? I don’t know, but knowing my mother there was no telling. So years past with me moving back and forth between my great-grandmother and mother not knowing if imma stay here or there. My sixth grade year where everything went horrible my mother and step-dad fought all the time he use to beat her and I would cry then get mad but when my brother and sister were there he would leave, but there was one incident where they were arguing back in forth and he left she went in her room and the next morning her door was locked and she never use to lock her door so I knew something was wrong so my sister knocked down the door and my mom was having a seizer on the floor because she tried to commit suicide. So I ended up moving again because social services said I was in a dangerous environment. I always been in a dangerous environment and unstable place I think because I remember when my stepdad stabbed my mother because he didn’t want her to go out with her friends and he stabbed her I will never forget it that was one more thing to hate about him. When I was at my great- grandmothers’ house that’s when I feel like nobody can touch me. My great-grandmother house it like a breath fresh air and the smell of her cooking just make you want to sang! My favorite time is when we’re watching Wheel of Fortune because we see who can solve the puzzle before the person on TV does. That’s when I really don’t have any problems wondering where I’m going to stay the next night, but I never have to worry about her because I know she always gone be there when I need her and I can come and go as I please.
I believe everything is going to be alright as long as I have my great- grandmother and a stable environment

The author's comments:
in class my teacher ask what we believed in and she told us to write about it

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