Snow, snow, melt away. I really can't take another day.

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Who doesn't like a snow-day? It's the perfect scenario for kids across the nation; no school, and snow to play in for hours. I don't like snow-days. I hate snow-days. Love the snow, hate the "no school" part. Four snow days in a five day week, is just ridiculous. All hell breaks loose in NC when there is more than a centimeter of snow. I want school, I miss school. I miss my teachers' lame jokes, laughing in the cafeteria, and waiting for my bus while listening to my ipod. I hate snow days, I truly do. I haven't been to school in a week, and guess what? I'M BORED. I've long since finished my homework, read all my books, and seen every every movie there is to see. I think that every flake of snow that has fallen on my world, is out to get me. Why else would it snow so much, when I want go to school almost more than anything? I think those flakes have banded together and strategically planned how to make my life a living hell. When I first woke up on Monday and saw the snow I though, "What pretty snow blanketing my ugly world." Now, here we are on Thursday, and every particle of snow is just a nice visualization of how much I don't have a life. Darn you, snow.

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