motorcycle mania

January 12, 2011
By oportraitz BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
oportraitz BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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It was about two years ago during Christmas time. When my luck turned upside down, this was no ordinary Christmas it was the year I became a cool kid but not any cool kid the coolest kid. Or at least that’s how i thought of myself that Christmas.

That’s rite I was on top of the game the coolest kid around town and it was all because of my new mini motorcycle the Pocket Rocket. Of course this was an electric one because who would give an 11 year old a gas motorcycle. When I received this amazing gift from my parents I was in shock that they spent the money on a gift like this for me. This gift gave me coolness in its own way it gave me the courage to race my friend. Of course my friend had his own motorcycle that he got the same day but I had a feeling mine was better until I saw the giant motorcycle double the size of mine.

The sight of this giant motorcycle frightened me but of course I couldn’t chicken out so I challenged my friend to a motor cycle mania the race between two motorcycles around the school parking lot next to my house. So we began our three lap race around the parking lot, we both knew how to race we had learned from riding bikes our whole life but these were a lot faster as we came around the first turn I lost control of my throttle and ran straight into a car. Panic set in and I began to cry I was in my own world then and all I could think about was how my parents would punish me but worse of all my friends watched with smiles on there face laughing away leaving me behind in the dust.

Before I knew it the car alarm was ringing hard and loud and I was driving away as fast I could go I drove home with tears running down my face and a broken front fender on my new motorcycle. As I arrived my mom saw me and asked what happened I began to tell her when a car drove bye slowly staring at my broken fender looking at the black paint

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this was a very good piece i think i acomplished i wrote this when i was 12 so ya

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