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January 12, 2011
By Jairr BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
Jairr BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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When I was 6 years old I had this book it was called Whinny the Poo and the Mystery of the Missing Honey. It was a raggedy book, the binding was half torn, the colorful pages starting to fade because, but it was still my book. Some kids have there blanky’s I had my book and I was perfectly fine with that. No one and I mean nobody could touch my book except me. You see, it was given to me bye my great grandma. She was my favorite person in the world.

This was when my mom and I were in what we call our poor days. If we found something that was free, we did it. We had found a particular trail that was our favorite. It was called the Nolan trail, it was eight miles long. I was a vary active kid and I loved to walk .So I asked my mom if we could go to the trail, reluctantly she said yes. So within the hour my mom and I were at the Nolan trail. It had just rained and the leaves were rotting. I remember it smelt like fish. My nose crinkled as soon as I got out of the car.
I was arguing with my mom about if I could bring my book or not. “No jay you can’t bring your book” my mom said. But eventually she got tired of arguing and said fine. We were about 2 miles in when we saw the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. It was bright blue like the sky. It must have been the size of an eagle .I was so amazed my body got stiff and I dropped the book in a puddle. With an ear shattering shriek I snatched it back up, the book was drenched. “It will dry off” I told my mom I had tears streaming down my eyes now. Gasping for air wile I tried to calm my self. I looked like a child who had lost his best friend .The ink was runny and the pages were falling apart. Winne the Poo’s face turning into a colorful swirl. I cried my heart out all the way home. My mom promised me we would go to Barnes and Noble to by a new book. But I thought I would never find a book as good as my old one.
The next day, I ran to my mom’s bed “mommy wake up wake up” I said. With much persuasion she woke up, it was 8:00 after an hour of encouragement we drove to Barnes and Noble. When we got to the book store I ran out of the car into the store almost knocking an old lady down after saying “sorry”, I made a bee line to the kids section. By the time my mom caught up I was already looking for a new favorite book. We must have been looking for an hours but we finely found a book. It was the first Magic tree house book. It was my first chapter book I was so proud. The lesson of this story is don’t take you’re favorite book on a trail because you will end up looking at a bird and dropping it in a puddle?

The author's comments:
This was a personal experence of mine. It is a vary found memory of mine.

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