The Broken Brakes

January 12, 2011
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Just the other day, I had found a pair of rollerblades in my older brothers closet that he used to use when he was about my age now. He’s 17 now, so I thought to myself “I’m pretty sure that hes not able to wear them anymore, so I might as well use them myself.” So, I took them out of his closet, went into my room, and tried them on. They were a bit tight, but I was still able to get the latches to hook into the slot on the other side of them. I went into the kitchen and started skating a little bit to try them out. I hadn’t skated since I was 8 years old, so it’d been about 5 years since the last time I’d been skating.
After seeing if they were still in good enough condition to not break or anything like that, I went out into the drive way to try them out on the ramp we had outside. I messed around like that for about 30 minutes and decided to go out on the road to try out the skates. I went over to my friends house and asked if he wanted to ride around for a while, and he said yes. So, I waited for him to get his bike from out the backyard, and then we started to go ride around my house for a while. At one point there was this loud clacking noise, and I almost fell off of my skates! My friend even heard it and asked if I was alright, and we both just decided that it was a rock or something. For some reason, after that, he kept staring down at my skates so much that I had to ask him “Why do you keep looking down at them?” He said “Its nothing, they just look weird to me. They look a lot different compared to my skates at home,” So, we just kept riding on.
Eventually, he decided to ride back home because he was getting tired. I kept on riding around the block. For some reason it was just really exciting being out there on skates again. When I was crossing through the street, I wasn’t paying attention, and there were cars coming from every direction! I tried to use the brakes on the back of my skates, but they wouldn’t work, so I looked down on the back of my skates and noticed that the brakes were gone! At this point, I was thinking, why in the world aren’t they stopping? Obviously they don’t know that I cant stop, but still, you’d expect people to have some sort of common sense rather than driving straight into a 13 year old boy on rollerblades skating down the road… but then again you’d think a 13 year old boy would have enough common sense to know not to be skating on a road when a bunch of cars are driving down it at 8 PM where no one could see you! So, here I was, skating straight into a road of cars, no where to go. The only thing I could do was try to dive out the way of them. I quickly turned over to the right and dove over the sidewalk that - now that I think about it - I should have been skating on in the first place… but anyways, I dove over the sidewalk, onto the patch of grass, out of the way of the incoming cars.
Afterwards, I IMMEDIATELY took off the skates, and walked all the way back home. As soon as I got home, I threw the skates in the trash. There was no way I was going to get back on them with a broken brake. I could always just ask for a new pair of skates if I wanted too, plus, I still have a bike to ride, so it really doesn’t matter to me. When I got inside the house, I told my parents all about what had happened and we all started laughing. Of course, my dad started to scold me as soon as my mom stopped paying attention, but me and him both admitted that it was still pretty funny.

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