Loss of Respect

January 12, 2011
By Jeff Koepke BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
Jeff Koepke BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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It was the second wrestling practice of me freshman year at Hersey. I was practicing with a junior who I considered to be a hard worker that was dedicated to the sport. He was about my height but slightly leaner with blond hair.We started drilling and I immediately found out his work ethic wasn't how I thought it was. When it was my turn I would setup the shot, shoot in, and finish the take down. When it was his turn he did not use a set up, he would just shoot in lazily and finish like a middle schooler. When we got to the end of practice coach said "Everybody get three ropes in on your own." I quickly went up and down for one rep, then two. I looked back and saw my partner just sitting on the mat.
"Are you gonna do your ropes?" I asked.
"No, I don't feel like it. I'm too tired." I was furious because everybody on the team at least tried to do all thier ropes. From that practice on I always looked down on that wrestler. He was very lazy, and didn't care about getting better.

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