Name Piece

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s the first day of sophomore year. Lunch time. I search to find my friends. Sure enough they’re at the same table they were twelve weeks ago. I sit down expecting to hear about everyone’s classes and expecting for them to ask about mine. Instead, I hear nothing. Why aren’t they saying my name?
We’ve been best friends since eighth grade. We do everything together from constantly texting, to staying up ‘til three in the morning every sleepover, to sneaking out to TP the neighbors. Why aren’t they saying my name?
Lunch goes by and still no one says anything. I feel so…alone. Are they ignoring me on purpose? Did I do something wrong? I want to say something, but am afraid of the glares. Why aren’t they saying my name?

The bell rings and everyone starts to leave. I try to follow but get stuck in the crowd. I don’t understand. Why aren’t they saying my name?
This is unfair. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. They’re pretending like we’re not friends. It makes me think…are we truly friends? True friends would never act like this. I can’t think of an answer, only a question. If they’re not my true friends, why do I want them to say my name?

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