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January 14, 2011
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That Christmas morning at my Grandparent's house my sister, Courtney and I eagerly waited for our turn to open Grandma and Grandpa's presents. When it finally came, instead of getting passed two presents, one for me and one for Courtney, a single envelope was given to both of us. We both awkwardly looked at each other and then back at the envelope. I could hear my brother snickering in the background." Haha, you only got an envelope.". While my grandparents stared at us waiting for a response, I ripped the envelope open only to find a folded up receipt. As disappointment took over me, my sister screamed " A TRAMPOLINE! A TRAMPOLINE!"

"15ft. blck/grn trampoline w/ safety net accmpnd w/ storage & shoe pckts- $400" the receipt read. My sister and I had been asking for a trampoline forever, and finally we almost had one. That winter of 7th grade was a long winter. We waited and waited for the day when our trampoline would arrive. In mid-April after school one day, I came home to my trampoline set up. I had kept my Christmas present a secret for four months, so when all my neighborhood friends saw they would be totally surprised and jealous.

Within a day, the news spread about my trampoline. Although a few kids from my school had a trampoline, mine was like a God compared to theirs. It was the newest, biggest, and safest out of any ones. The neighborhood crew decided upon a trampoline party at my house after school on Friday. Having a trampoline is like having a rocking Rolls Royce: You're the cool kid, you drive everyone around, but in my case, everyone comes to me, to jump.

The party was a success with music, food, and trampoline games such as Crack the Egg shell and Popcorn. As April slid into May, my trampoline only grew more popular. Summer tanning sessions, dance parties, and sleepover camp-outs on the trampoline all took place that summer. I became the let's-all-go to-her-house kid, and there wasn't a day when the sun was shining that someone wasn't jumping on the trampoline. As the plastic started to tear and the elasticity started to fade so did the amusement of the trampoline.

The beginning of freshman year, the year that my trampoline would of been most handy- to meet new friends and invite them over because I had a trampoline- the excitement all came to an end. The big storm in August not only blew away trees and flooded houses, it damaged my "coolness" as well. The morning after the storm, I peeked out of the tiny slit of my blinds only to discover that my trampoline wasn't in its designated spot. In my neighbor's yard, smashed against her house, over the 4 ft metal fence, lay my trampoline- dented, cracked, torn, and ripped beyond repair. And so was the beginning of my social life.

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