I Don’t Know Who I’am Or Believe In ( Imaginary Mind)

December 31, 2010
By ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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I’m Christian, Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim. I’m black, I’m white, I’m everything, but with the doubt of who I really am. Everyday I walk around wondering who I’am, looking for the facts that nobody knows. Is it that I’m not real, I’m just people’s imaginary mind? I’m Christian, Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim. What am I? I don’t know any more what I believe in. I tell you what I think you would want to hear about me. I’m the stranger in the shadows that no one knows who am I? You tell me what I want to know about you and I know you’re not fake or in my imaginary mind but am I in your imaginary mind? Who do you think I’am? Am I the same person you thought I was or am I a completely different person now? You thought you knew me until now. Now you won’t trust me because you think I lied to you. But I have no choice but to lie to you because if I don’t know myself, how the hell am I suppose to tell you who I’am. Help me find myself. Please? I’m lost in this world with no identity, no one else knows me so how do I find out who I’am? What I believe is not me the person I’am now, its someone else, but its not me any more. I believe in something thats not mine, I have been born to this world in this image, either I’m imaginary or I’m real. Do I believe that you are standing in front of me yelling your head off because of something I did, but I’m not listening my mind is off on a journey to find out who I’am. Join me we’ll have the most fun that you’ve ever had, but we may have the worst days that you’ve ever had also. Come with me, be with me, and lets have the life of our dreams. I know one thing I believe in is that you and me need to be together. Because if I didn’t know, love, or trust you I wouldn’t be asking you to go on this journey with me. Just think about it.

The author's comments:
I'm trying to find out who I'am and where my ancestors came from

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