DC Fail

January 12, 2011
By HowDoITypeWords BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
HowDoITypeWords BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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A few months ago I went to Fairfax to visit my mom. We had a plan to ride the metro into DC to get some dinner and do some sightseeing. It sounded simple, her and my sister did it once and they had an awesome time. Too bad ours turned into one of the worst fails I’ve ever experienced.

We used a parking garage next to a mall that led into one of the metros. My mom thought it would be a good idea to bring her GPS so we could hopefully find a decent restaurant while wandering around.
The metro uses these little cards that you could add money to at these vending machine looking things. When we got on the metro we found out we can’t use the same card for 2 people, which is bad because my mom put $20 on 1 card thinking it would work for both of us. I ended up having to run back to the machine and get my own card.
We rode a little ways outside the main capitol buildings so there wouldn’t be as much of a crowd to have to weave through. It turns out we saw a total of about 5 people during the whole night.
After looking around a bit at the wonders of DC we started to get hungry. After checking the GPS we found this place called Gus’s Bar and Grill. It sounded good and was only about a half mile away. The place was down this long ally and after a closer look we noticed it looked more like a club than a restaurant. The line for the place was also leading outside and you could hear the music playing from the other side of the ally.
The next place was about a mile away from Gus’s. This time instead of seeing a huge crowd around the building, there was no building at all. We decided after all that we would just go back to the metro and get something to eat on the way home.
We sat down to check the fastest route back and I noticed something moving around my feet. I shined the GPS light down and what I saw was the biggest, nastiest roaches I’d ever seen. There wasn’t just like 2 or 3 of them either. There was a whole swarm of about 10-20 just skittering around our feet.
After that whole ordeal I refused to sit down anywhere and I became highly aware of how many more of these things were actually around. Also on the way back we got lost, yes, lost with a GPS. Luckily for us there was a security guard around to show us the way back to the metro.

When we finally got back to the car I was pretty thirsty and there just happened to be a soda machine right next to the exit. My mom checked her wallet for some change and it turned out that we were 5 cents short of what we needed to get a drink.
I was happy to get back home after all that. To this day it’s still the most fail filled night I’ve ever had and I hope nothing as bad will happen again

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carrie8376 said...
on Jun. 8 2011 at 8:52 pm
As the mom in the story, I have to say that was the most fun FAIL I have ever had(: I definitely owe him a trip to DC, including an actual meal!!!!


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