Soap Slide

January 12, 2011
Over the summer my cousin, Rachel, came to visit from South Carolina. She, my friend, Mary, and I were going to make water balloons, and have a fight. But, as it turns out water balloons are hard to make and we only made forty, and popped fifteen.
After our fight, which wasn’t much of one, we got out my kiddie pool my dog plays in. We rinsed it out, but we couldn’t fit into the pool all at once. Then I remembered that I had a little slide we could use.
We propped the slide on one on the legs of the pool, and attached a hose to the top of the slide, so the water ran down the slide, and into the pool. We slid down it a couple of times, but it wasn’t very fast. We asked my mom if we could use soap, to make it faster
After we put the soap on the slide we went ten times faster, it was awesome. We kept going, for what seemed like forever getting wet, soapy, a muddy. We put a towel down to try not to get muddy, but it didn’t work.
Later when all the soap was gone, we had to clean up. I was sad I had so much fun on our own little slide. We washed the soap out of the pool and put the slide away. I was relieved to take a shower and get all the soap out of my hair. It was a great afternoon!
Another time I made a water slide, was with Mary. She invited me to have a water-gun fight but, only one worked. So, again we rolled my kiddie pool out of my back yard, got my slide, and set up the water slide.
This time we didn’t use soap because it was too messy. We used buckets to dump water on each other as we went down the slide.
Both times were really fun but I liked the first time because we used soap, and my cousin was there. I had a great time during and I hope I can do it again.

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