Big, Bad, Bullying

January 10, 2011
By Bosten VanderVeur BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Bosten VanderVeur BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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It was my birthday and I was turing six years old. An old family tradition is that when summer starts we would shave our heads bald. Well, I missed the summer shaving an pushed it all the way to the start of school. After about a week of school I came to school with a totally shaved head. I thought it was cool and it looked good but, all the kids laughed at me and called me names that hurt my feelings. I asked them to stop but, they wouldn’t so at recess I had no one to play with and would cry the whole time. This memory is a strong reminder of how bullying can effect people. Bullying is something that hurts people, helps no one, and needs to be stopped.

Bullying hurts thousands of people daily. It is harmful to all and can have a life changing or even an ending effect. Kids that are most targeted our outcast people with little to no friends or “nerds”. We need to stop bullying people before it gets to severe. I have heard countless stories about people getting “bullied to death”. In this case were the victim is so tormented and harmed by the effects of bullying the eventually commit suicide. We need to end bullying as a nation so that this will not happen again.

It hurts but it doesn’t help and yet we still see kids daily doing it. I don’t understand why but, it is a sad thing that people would do this to others. No one deserve the torture and for someone like me life is hard enough. It’s cruel, mean, and very very uncool. Most of the time the kids that get bullied are because of terrible things they can’t control. If someone was born mentally handicapped or very smart. Even if they don’t want to be which isn’t how they should feel. They have no control over it so you shouldn’t bully people like that.

The saddest part about bullying is that most of the kids that bully have a really hard life at home. They are abused by parenting and feel the need to receive bad attention. This is the saddest part of bullying for me is that it exists because they need it to feel cool or better about themselves. I think the should try to channel their angry or insecurity into better activities that help provide a better, healthier life style. It is sad to know--but also important--that bullying doesn’t just hurt the victim.

Bullying is something that hurts people, helps no one, and needs to be stopped. I have talked to you about the many ways that bullying hurts and destroys people lives. No one deserve to have it happen and know one can control the reason they are bullied. We need to work together as a Nation to stop bullying.

Bosten VanderVeur

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