bursts of happiness

January 9, 2011
By smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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This time last year, I hated school, I hated the drama we already had, and I only looked forward to being alone in my room. Now this year, I have friends I can rely on, I have a new passion for studying, and a motivation for being…strong. I do all my homework, I study, I get good grades as a result, and I can actually say I smile non-stop throughout the day. The new friends I’ve met, the new friends I’ve made, have helped me reach and strive towards my goals. Last year I was waiting for the day I could say I was myself, that I could say I have fun with my friends and in school. There isn’t any more waiting for me: here I am. I’m happy, I have friends, I have confidence and a new profound strength, and I wouldnt change a thing. Last year, I was so depressed, I was so confused with who I was friends with, and I was just confused in general because I was doing horribly in school and at home, but today, I can say I’m a changed person. I’ve finally gotten that burst of happiness(: I thank karma, God, and all my friends. Thanks, for making things get better.

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