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January 7, 2011
By Baca2012 BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
Baca2012 BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
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Everyone has their one true place where they can get away from life, think, and be comfortable. For most its either a hill, pond, or somewhere away from civilization. But for me its somewhere not to far from everyone, somewhere very close to home. As I walk outside I see my neighbors, their pets, and their vehicles. But when I go up to the roof of my house, I see much more than that. The sights are very captivating, the smells are distinctive, and the sounds are pleasant.

When I look up and out towards the sky, it is a bright blue with white puffy clouds. Then later on in the evening, I look over to the west I see, a bright and vibrantly lit sunset behind the “M” mountain. A few hours pass by, now the sky is vividly moonlit, the stars gleaming and shining.

During the day, way off in the distance are several trees, as the breezes of wind come and go they shift as if they are in a cadence. The leaves, green as an emerald during the summer, but now a fainting yellow. But when fall comes around, they turn a deeper orange; then red and fall.

Birds flying around me, taunting each other as they go past. Then others fighting for their spot, in the patio, to build a nest and raise their young. The dogs playing, jumping back and forth, as the cars go by. While their pups, run and stumble along as they try to catch up.

Then I look down right in my own yard, I see several ducks nesting and nurturing their eggs, as others play and splash in the water. Our rabbits, hopping side to side, in and out of their holes. The younger ones chasing each other, playing tag, while others lay around and sun bathe.

There is not enough words to describe the unique Socorro air, at times its very warm and delighting, but at others its piercing cold. Along with the air comes a very distinct, but pleasant, smell. As I am up there I smell several different things, from variations of flowers to the alarming smell of animals.

The smell of wild flowers’ pollen in the wind can be very delighting, but then again at times, there is that one point where to much of one thing is not pleasing. The trees also have a nice smell to them when the wind blows.

But over the years, the smells have changed in many different ways. As I travel back to the fifth grade, I remember a clean; nice smelling atmosphere. I remember the crisp air, summer smelled like coconut sun tan lotion. Now, I go out and up, summer has lost its previous smell; it is more of a dryer and smoggier stench.

In the winter, it was more of a more humid and cold smell, its now a bit dryer and not as pleasant. During the months in spring and autumn, there was a smooth and comforting smell of wildflowers and trees, now its turned to more of a displeasing scent. But when all ties together you get that unique, somewhat unusual, Socorro smell.

When you are in a place that you feel safe and secure, there are many sounds you hear. They soothe and calm you, until you drift off with the clouds. Everything melts away, and its just you; yourself floating away. Away into the mountains, hills, and down into the valleys.

Some of the sounds include the quacking of ducks, the crying and howling of dogs, to the sounds of baby birds chirping while their mom goes and gets the food. But there are other very exquisite sounds, such as, the rustling of leaves and the wind blowing through the trees.

At other times, for example at night, everything comes to halt and it becomes a relieving silence; there is no barking dogs or quacking ducks. All there is to hear are the sounds of cars way off in the distance, or maybe a far off siren or two, and the never fail whistle of a distant train speeding by.

So next time your in Socorro day, night, summer, winter, or spring; don’t forget to keep your eyes, ears, and noses open for any of the things mentioned….

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