Hope for Holly

December 30, 2010
My dog is name Holly. She is about two years old. She is my second and most loving dog. a couple days ago my little Chihuahua threw up, but he wasn't sick. The day right after that Holly threw up. I figured that they ate the same thing and they're fine. We noticed something weird after a while. Holly wasn't barking anymore, wasn't giving us paw, she wasn't being herself. She continued to keep vomiting and wouldn't stop. We finally took her to a Vet Clinic and got her checked out. It took quite a while. When we got back results, it was devastating. Turns out Holly has Parmov. Its a disease that dogs get when they go into other peoples yards. We had three choices. One- Put her down right then and there, Two- Do the hospital treatment. Which that would cost around eight thousand dollars(75% Survival). Three-Home treatment. (25% Survival)and do it for five days. We did the home treatment. We new she will make it. Now, we have to give Holly a few pills a day and we have to force the medicine down her throat because before she hadn't ate in four days. To right now Holly Gives us paw, eats, drinks and walks around a bit more. She has not fought off Parmov, but still hasn't died. There is hope for Holly.

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