January 1, 2011
By Torpor SILVER, Allendale, New Jersey
Torpor SILVER, Allendale, New Jersey
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A steaming cup of hot chocolate alongside a crinkled bag of large marshmallows. Bits of pearly, white foam swirls alongside the edge of the mug. You take silent bites out of the tops and bottoms of the soft, fluffy marshmallows and stack them one by one. After creating a satisfactory height, you forcefully impale them onto a wooden skewer, to golden and roast for later. Then, you anxiously pluck out another marshmallow to gently plop it into your cup of hot cocoa. The marshmallow’s buoyancy slowly diminishes, as it reluctantly and steadily immerses itself into the brown liquid. Eventually, after having your fill of watching, you greedily take in a gigantic sip. It immediately burns your throat and leaves an unpleasant, rough texture lingering on your tongue. The scalding hotness slides down your delicate throat and instantly ignites your entire body with a rapid sensation of warmth. The mixed, sweet taste of hot chocolate and the melted marshmallow makes your sensitive taste buds tingle with ecstasy.

You contentedly lean back onto your soft, cushioned sofa, which has now become comfortably warm from the consistent and radiating glow of the hissing fireplace. The bright, jubilant flames from the fire vigorously licks the sides of the wooden logs, creating a symphony of soothing crackles. By closing your eyes and savoring this peaceful moment in time, your heart smiles and hums with gratitude. The clock seems to be ticking at an unusually lethargic speed, but you don’t mind. Chunks of coal and ashes, bits of embers, and a short amount of warmth are all that’s left when the unattended flames are left to die.

Winter; how wonderfully blissful it can be.

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