The Girl

December 21, 2010
By PurpleNerd BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
PurpleNerd BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The girl whom I try to text but soon is never there. The girl who I used to love with the long and gorgeous hair. The girl who's personality can never be ignored. The girl whom sits across from me and is looking at the floor. The girl who never noticed me though I’d liked the type of girl who was always there for me. The girl who's laugh is like a sweet song to my ears. A girl who's sweet loving caring and is sharing a piece of me, a girl who will always be with no matter what the share. Girls never seem to listen to people who are obsessed but this girl is the girl I like the best. The girl whose feelings will never be ignored the girl for whom I always hold the door. A girl who laughs a girl who cries’s a girl who's sick about 1 to 2 times a week. But when I never got the chance all I could do was weep. The girl who I thought the world about never gave a thought about her friend who always cared for her or always was there for her in the end. But was a pawn in the game. And who everyone thought was lame. But behind all this I stayed strong. But whenever I think something’s wrong i always get turned down then I learned to keep my smile upside down. The girl whom will always be in my heart the girl whom I never shall part the girls of my dreams and fantasies, is the one that will never be with me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this one day because i was hurting and I felt that this had to be shared with everyone else.

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