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January 5, 2011
By luv4real BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
luv4real BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Every high school student has seen the poster or heard a teacher talk about an old saying, it doesn’t matter what shoes you wore or what your hair looked like. Parents will say grades and school work are the most important aspect of high school. Many students listen and focus all four years only on grades, I agree with that statement everyone should try for good grades, but I want to say “don’t you forget about me.” (Simple minds, Breakfast Club) For how incredibly cheesy that sounds it is completely true, high school will be the best time of your life and it would be a waste not to have fun. It sounds lame when said like that, but take a step back and think about it, are you going to be remembered or stay in touch with everyone you knew in high school? I don’t mean popularity either; I am talking about making an impression that will last a lifetime not on the school as a hole but on a select group of people you call your closest friends. All you have to do is talk talk about everything; music, sports, relationships, cars, crack jokes, get in trouble, act like an idiot, or even something as simple as hugging your friends. High school does end and life will go on, and the big thought that crosses a graduating mind is, OH! i really want to tell someone about this funny thing that happened during summer. One problem you don’t have school anymore chances are you don’t even talk to 90% of people you hung around with in high school. Of course as you keep moving through life you will meet new acquaintances and make some new friends along the way. They don’t measure up to the friendships of school, and people remember the good times they shared. Ask mom and dad, grandma and grandpa; ask your cousin that graduated ten years ago they will all remember high school as the best time of their lives. I guess the message I am trying to convey is DO NOT leave anything unsaid, any smart comment, funny joke, gossip and emotions (is a big one) say all of them. School will be so much better that way, and in the future you can look back and say I had a good high school career , it is a belief of mine that everyone has regrets from high school, claims otherwise are just lies. In the future I don’t want to look back and think I forgot to tell this funny joke or talk about this amazing song. This is why you try to make those special relationships so you still have people to talk to in the future that understand who you are. To reiterate my main point leave everything on the table, anything you ever wanted to say, say it! That is how you make close friends and hopefully they will remember what kind of person you were and the good times you created. I’m not saying be a glory hog or pompous like most “popular” kids, I’m saying enjoy life make it enjoyable for others, stand out have no regrets.

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i dont have a title yet, im trying to think of a good one. but i want this piece to show what my thoughts are about lasting impressions after high school.

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