The teenage years

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

People sometimes see me as the perfect student. The girl who gets all A’s. The girl who knows all the answers. The girl that doesn’t have to try hard to get good grades. The girl who has her whole life planned out. You might make that assumption too if you met me. But what most people don’t see, is the insecure little girl on the inside. The girl who is struggling to fit in. The girl who is trying to please everyone, so she has all this pressure built up inside of her. The girl who just wants to be herself, but doesn’t know how. The girl who wants to do things, but do what people will think. This is sometimes hard to deal with. All the people around me have so many talents. Some can sing and act; others know all this interesting facts. Then, there’s just me thrown in the middle of all of this. The one who was to be talented, but can’t find one. The one who wants to be happy, but doesn’t always know how to. I guess I’m like a lot of teens then. The teenage years are a time when you figure out who you are, a time “to grow “as a adults tend to put it. But it really just feels like hell sometimes.

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