Never Give Up

January 4, 2011
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I feel nervous before every race because I fear falling. It’s not what most people get nervous about before a race. As a hurdler, it goes through my head. Before every race I think, you can do it, have confidence. The gun explodes.
I have a quick start out of my blocks and think, keep my trail leg to the side. Seven hurdles to go. About eighteen steps later I tell myself six hurdles left. After each hurdle I count down to help the race go by faster.
Five hurdles left.
Four hurdles left.
Three hurdles left.
100 meters remaining. Almost done. Crash. The first time I have ever fallen over a hurdle. And in a meet that determines if I advance or not. Regionals. Everyone watching is in shock. I think to myself, am I going to be a quitter and stay sprawled on the track or will I finish? I immediately get up.
Two hurdles left.
One hurdle left.
Finish line.
As much pain as I’m feeling, I hear people saying, “Way to finish,” and “Great determination Nicole.”
Next Year.

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