The MC Hammer

January 4, 2011
By Jackie Spillius SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Jackie Spillius SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Seven best friends are driving around on a hot summer day looking for something to do. As they drive down highway 83, one boy sees a truck on the side of the road for sale.

Jack, 17 years old, says, “Brady always gets these crazy ideas that we never understand at first. He wanted to buy this old piece of crap and fix it up.”

After thinking about the possibilities, Jack agreed this was a good idea, and so did the other boys. They decided it would be a fun, inexpensive thing to do over the summer. But they wanted it to be something memorable.

“We could make the back of the truck a place to hangout and take it to the football games to tailgate,” Jack said with ideas about the possibilities. Excited to begin their project, the boys bought the truck and soon found that there were many things that needed to be fixed first.

Because the truck needed to be fixed, their creative minds were put on hold. They gathered money to replace the alternator and bought a new belt. The boys helped with their knowledge about cars to fix everything they needed. Soon enough, the truck was fixed and ready to begin its renovation.

The next step went smooth. Each friend had a different vision so they mixed their ideas. First, one boy spray-painted the inside of the truck with the word MC Hammer. This became their name for the truck. They added old car seats for many people to sit inside the truck. After that, they added speakers, a stereo system, a TV and then hooked up a ps2. The last few steps were hanging posters, giving the outside of the truck a new paint job, and putting neon lights inside and outside of the truck. It took the whole summer, but the truck was finished.

The first football game rolled around and the boys were excited to show off their new ride. Everyone loved it. The MC Hammer soon became popular with kids and families that would go to the games.

“It was meant for tailgating, but it ended up becoming an icon,” said Jack.

“We liked to chill in it so much we started hanging out in it even when we weren’t tailgating,” Brady said.

Though the hardest part about the truck for the boys is keeping up with the maintenance and cleaning of the truck, they enjoy the hard work it took to make it.

As the boys go off to college next year they plan to sell it to juniors who are responsible enough to take care of their truck and who will continue to bring the truck to the football games and use it to its full potential.

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